Souvenirs of their day, plaster intaglios were sold to travelers in Italy and then subsequently brought back from their 18th and 19th century Grand Tour around Europe. Ours are cast in plaster from an original antique Grand Tour collection.

  • Four Antiqued Silver Framed Intaglios


    These framed elegant Grand Tour collections are modern reproductions, cast in plaster, and offer the closest possible alternative to the priceless originals.

    • Portraying Greek and Roman deities, architectural detail,
      and mythological figures.
    • Matted and backed in Italian silk
    • Larson-Juhl custom wood frame
    • Each is unique
    • Dimensions: 14 1/4" W x 17 3/4" H

    The Grand Tour

    The Grand Tour was a journey across Europe to Italy to study its classical past. It served travelers with a way to polish their tastes and acquire noble ideas and moral virtue. The Grand Tour was above all a search for adventure, inspiration and discovery. On their tour, each traveler would receive a souvenir commemorating where they had traveled.

    Four Antiqued Silver Framed Intaglios