Niagara-on-the-Lake. This is one of the quaintest European looking cities in North America. The region of Ontario has a unique landscape and climate, and it has become a magnet for wineries and fruit orchards.

I love to visit this small town because of the flowers and natural landscape – but most people probably visit the wineries, restaurants, and partake in unique shopping atmosphere.

How to Garden in Canada

This is the most charming hotel / inn you have ever seen – these hanging baskets were ginormous!

Gardening in Canada

This is the Prince of Whales Hotel – what you don’t see through all of the flowers is a beautiful horse-drawn carriage.

Canada Gardening

The medians in the town “centrum” were planted with this unified and over the top theme. As far as you could see in any direction you saw this burst of chartreuse, purple and coral.

Pictures of Gardening in Canada

Another beautiful planter – one of so many scattered throughout this tiny village.

Gardening in Canada

These hanging baskets were on every lamp post – the flowers were nearly touching the ground!

How to Garden in Ontario
Ontario Gardening Tips

This is a typical house in Niagara-on-the-Lake! Oh my…

Gardening on lake Niagara

And another style commonly seen there….one thing they all have in common? FLOWERS, FLOWERS, EVERYWHERE!

Niagara Gardening Tips

No my hydrangeas do not look like this in August – look at the size of the gold mound spireas!

Lake Niagara Gardening Tips

This rudbeckia – black-eyed Susan was 4’ tall.

Niagara-on-the-Lake is a must see if you are ever in the Niagara Falls area just across the Canadian border. Canadians are so extremely friendly and helpful – and they love beautiful gardens as much as you and I do!

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