The cool nights have given way to warmer nights and much warmer days. The displays of roses, hydrangeas, flowering vines and perennials in May are the best of the year. If you have done a good job at garden design and followed the basic principles of good gardening techniques, you are going to be well rewarded this month! If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor living space no doubt you have been spending time there knowing that this is the best weather of the year.

Top things to do in May

• Enjoy all of the beautiful plants continuing to come into the nurseries from growers – nurseries keep their inventories high through May. 

• Complete spring plantings of perennials, summer annuals, rose bushes, shrubs and trees. 

• Ideally, this is the last month to plant ball & burlap trees, so they have a chance to tolerate the summer heat…of course you can plant throughout the summer, but this will require more work on your part. 

• Convert your containers from spring flowers to those that will endure the summer heat. 

• Check out my pinterest board on plant pairings and window boxes… 



• Tips for your window boxes: 

o Repeat and harmonize color with the color of your home 

o Choose the right plant…size matters – don’t plant something that will grow to tall – combine plants that require similar light, moisture and temperature 

o Pick the right window box 

o Consistent care is a must – they are essentially a garden in a box…so they dry out quickly 

• Review the placement of your perennials and edit as necessary – are sunny perennials getting enough sun – if not move them to a sunnier spot – likewise for shade loving plants. 

• Apply a dose of ironite for greener lawn. 

• Check for suckers and dead limbs in your trees – out they go! 

• Secure climbing roses and vines – they will grow twice as fast – don’t let them languish on the ground or flop around in the wind. 

• Apply slow release fertilizer to flower beds and containers. 

• Monitor your water based on the weather – don’t leave your irrigation system on auto pilot – take control for better results and water conservation. 

• Enjoy the surrounding gardens and neighborhoods, as this is definitely one of the most beautiful months to see various plants and shrubs showing off their season’s best. 

Best of the Season

• Everything is green in shades only seen this time of year 

• Roses, hydrangeas 

• Flowering vines – clematis, jasmine, cross vine 

• Early Summer Flowering perennials – penstemmon, scabiosa, huechera, daisies…and so many more 

• Japanese Maples 

• Outdoor Living!

Who could possibly be inside when this charming outdoor area is just waiting to cuddle up in?

I really try and use the same elements in my outdoor living spaces as my indoor living spaces…blue and white is perfect inside and out…and never goes out of style.

Classic, comfortable, and just waiting for you.

The smell of a fire is perfect anytime of the year...and helps with chilly Spring evenings.

Another example of an outdoor living that feels like an interior room. 

Beautiful mix of perennials, white carpet roses and Nepata blooming now. 

Happy Gardening -

All My Best -