A few thoughts on the most basic fundamentals of gardening and the importance of good garden design

  • You cannot control the weather or Mother Nature – but you do need to watch the weather; react to the weather and the forces and impact of good old Mother Nature.
  • The best advice I can give anyone wanting to improve their gardening skills is to pay attention to the things going on in your garden – because things are definitely going on.
  • Have a master plan – you have heard this many times – but really without it it’s like you’re on a road and have no idea where you are going.
  • The dirt or soil that you put your plants into is almost more important than the plant itself….a simple rule of thumb – put a $5 plant in a $10 hole!
  • Choose the right plant for the right spot - don’t be an impulsive buyer…it’s okay to be a plantaholic or hoarder (like me), but the plants need to fit into your garden design.
  • I have a rule that when I bring home new plants can an old non-specimen plant go out….better to have the “good stuff’.
  • Patience is important – don’t be tempted to purchase plants that grow fast…in the long run after a few years you will probably be removing them from your landscape.
  • Trial & Error” needs to be alive and well in the garden – this applies to color, texture, plants that you may be unfamiliar with. Remember plants can be moved. I have a friend, who is known to move hostas from one part of her garden to another all of the time. I think one hosta has been moved at least 5 times!

And the very best thing of all to keep in mind is that there is always the next season to look forward to….so you can…

  • Correct the mistakes you may have made
  • Alter your color combinations
  • Edit your plants / move them around or out of your garden
  • Review your overall design to see if it is working for you
  • Look for ways to improve your planting schemes - you are never done tweaking the garden to get it just right…

Happy Gardening -

All My Best -