I love January – it’s brrrr cold outside and there are no garden chores – maybe just planning for a beautiful Spring. I did turn in all the Spring flower orders to our wonderful grower…hard to believe they will start seedlings this month.

January is one of the months as a gardener that you can literally do nothing and not feel guilty about it. Of course you have to pay a little attention to water if Mother Nature doesn’t smile on us with rain or snow. But other than that, we can just relax and enjoy the cold days with a hot cup of tea and leftover treats from the holidays.

The garden and seed catalogs will begin arriving in your mailbox, as well as other garden and outdoor living catalogs. It’s fun to see what’s new with the trends in these. Wayside Gardens will tempt us with new species and varieties. We can just file these away for now – enjoy this quiet month.

Top Things to do in January

• As little as possible – you deserve a guilt-free break

Best of the Season

• Red Twig Dogwood, Deciduous Hollies laden with berries – and cardinals! I have a friend who has a special little buddy that shows up on the window seal of her living room – she has been putting his treats out on top of a stone pillar – he is fat and happy – and beautiful!

Holidays this year in Sweden – winter wonderland – breathtakingly beautiful!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy Gardening -

All My Best -