Those of us living in many parts of the country have been blessed with ample rainfall during the past two months. Those February and March showers have ensured a verdant and glorious spring season. This is the first Spring I have ever seen where the quince, forsythia, daffodils, redbuds, tulips and wisteria all bloomed at the same time…really beautiful…but now it’s all over! 

March was just beautiful this year…and April is looking emerald green and all of the roses and clematis are getting ready to burst open with their glorious and fragrant flowers. 

• April is the perfect month to plant your summer color, refresh your containers and window boxes, and update your garden with new plantings and trees…. Planning and the right gardening in April can give way to months of enjoyment during the upcoming summer months

Top things to do in April

• Plant with confidence – no worries about frost. 

• Begin the transition from your spring containers to summer plantings. 

• Getting your summer plantings in by late April to mid May will give you stronger plants – this will allow them to thrive during the hot months of July and August. 

• Spring plantings of perennials, annuals, rose bushes, vines, shrubs and trees are in full force. 

• Several trips to the nursery are surely on your agenda - I once went to a nursery 5 times in one day….obsessive – Plant Hoarder – Yes! 

• Take photos of your containers to the nursery t help you plan out which plants to purchase. If you took photos of your containers last year at the end of the year when they should have looked their very best – that can also help when purchasing plants for your containers. 

• Secure climbing roses and vines – they will grow twice as fast – don’t let them languish on the ground or flop around in the wind. 

Best of the Season

• Flowering trees like Redbud, Whitebud, Crab Apple 

• Roses 

• Flowering Vines like cross vine, wisteria, clematis, jasmine 

• Flowering shrubs like viburnum and snowball and spireas 

• Green fescue and rye blends of grass 

• Perennials – Salvias, Dianthus, Creeping Phlox, Woodland Phlox, Violets

A beautiful mix of heucheras, silver mound artemesia, gold grass - texture and color!

Beautiful “May Night” perennial saliva and “Firewitch” dianthus – look at the contrast with Goldmound Spirea and Angelina sedum – hard to beat that chartreuse color with the strong purple of the salvia…this is color contrast at its very best …

English Garden this! 

Another example of color and texture...your can see understanding of the color wheel here...

As good as it gets...climbing roses, nepata and gold mound spirea

Happy Gardening -

All My Best -