If you have read my other garden blogs – you already know that I discuss the power of Mother Nature and the fact that we have to react to the forces she brings. A big part of Oklahoma City was devastated a few weeks ago by a historical hail storm. You can imagine with every roof being destroyed the havoc she played with our plants!  So many of us are spending time this June, removing and cutting back plants that were splintered, or completely destroyed or replanting in areas where plants were completely destroyed. Hopefully, we have a check mark on this one and won’t have to live through this again! Soft ball size hail and gardens are not a good mix…15 minutes of total destruction.

Top Things to do in June

  • Now is the time to really start paying attention to the watering part of your job as gardener in tune with your garden. The summer heat comes on strong in June, and hand watering your newer plantings, e.g. roses, will pay off.
  • Remember to shut your sprinkler off if you receive heavy rains - we can hope this happens.
  • Check out varieties of perennials at the nurseries you might not see in the spring months – verbascum, agastache, and rudbeckia – find a spot for them – they are wonderful in any garden.
  • Dead head your roses, petunias, verbena, geraniums, and penta – they will reward you with fresh blossoms.
  • Continue to support your roses and climbing vines – they will continue to provide vigorous growth through the summer months
  • Container plantings will benefit from weekly feedings of water soluable fertilizer like Miracle Grow.

Best of the Season

Shrubs - spirea, ligustrum, magnolia and Smoke Tree, hydrangea
Perennials - coreopsis, penstemmon, guara, purple cone flower, daisy, and hostas!

June Landscape Tips

Smoke tree is a stand-out in June.

Gardening in June

Oak Leaf hydrangea – blossoms the size of milk bottles! Please do not prune this plant – the bigger the better – tall is good and natural.

Gardening Secrets

I love to use gold mound spirea in the garden – the color is so perfect with blues, pinks and white – one of my must-have plants.

Plant blue salvia, blue daze, veronica – anything else blue in front if gold mound spirea it’s the perfect color harmony.

Moonbeam Gardening

“Moonbeam” is a variety of coreopsis that works in both cool and warm garden color palettes - the yellow is so subtle.

Gardening Secrets

There are so many varieties of penstemmon – but any of them are a must have in your perennial mix.


Bring the heat on – Purple Cone Flower just stands strong – remember that there are thousands of seeds in each of the heads – before dead-heading don’t forget to spread all the seeds – they are free and will really spread your stand of this wonderful perennial – Echinacea!

Gardening Photos
Landscape Photos

Look at this outstanding planting of Salvias - this was truly remarkable - spotted in Chicago on the parks along Michigan Avenue. It looked like water - look how effective the blue is with the chartreuse greens mixed in.

Happy Gardening -

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