Thoughts on Gardening in September ….. Visions of Autumn coolness on the horizon!


Thoughts on Gardening in September ….. Visions of Autumn coolness on the horizon!



Fall weather makes me happy – it erases all those recent July and August “hotter than Hades” days and recollection of thinking the heat is surely baking my plants. The clematis and roses are blooming again; the perennials and annuals I cut back in July are huge again but with fresh new growth and flowers that the Sun hasn’t faded. The night time temps and shorter days start contributing to a beautiful fall garden.


It’s time to think about pumpkins, mums, tulips and pansies. Pansies go in next month, lawns get over-seeded with cool season blends of fescue and rye, tulip planting follows in November.



Easy idea for porches or even in the garden.





I love white pumpkins and I love bittersweet.





What a great look for all those 3-tiered trays and platters we all have now.





‘Autumn Joy’ Sedum is spectacular in the garden during September and October. It should be on your list of wonderful “must-have” perennials.




Love the tunnel view of this garden planting.




Reporting back on my experiment with Epsom salts – you can see the difference after only 6 weeks. I will continue to use Epsom salts on this topiary and I’m positive it will continue to look better and better. I have been using it on my hydrangeas and English Roses and they are putting on lots more blossoms at this time of the year than I would expect. I’m sold on this – I’m sure a there are tons of serious gardeners out there who already knew all of this…but I had just never gotten around to using it myself…Love it!


Top Things to do in September

· Take a break from daily container watering!

· Turn back the sprinkler a few notches….less water is okay now.

· Do some garden clean-up – make your garden look like July and August were not that hot!

· Continue to support your roses and climbing vines.

· If you are a true gardener – you have already scouted out the nurseries for some new provisions….it’s a great time to replace casualties of the summer weather / and long vacations away from your garden.

· Assess your garden design and plant selections – this is a good time to jot down notes from your summer successes and failures.

· Enjoy the hummingbirds and butterflies - your garden should be a swarming with them.

· Place your tulip and spring bulb order for best selection – please don’t wait on – early bird gets the worm!

· Start planning for the fall garden chores – October is just around the corner.


Happy Gardening - Terry

Happy Gardening -

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