Thoughts on Gardening in October…wonderful weather brings us back to the garden.


We are having the most welcome and refreshing rains…drought busting rains! The cooler temperatures and rain is one of the reasons why there is no better time than right now to update your garden landscape. Your garden has no chance to be fabulous next Spring unless you implement some key elements this fall. Best of all, all of the nurseries are restocking their inventories with wonderful fresh plants from California and Oregon, and the greenhouses are stocked with fresh and fragrant pansies and the offers from bulb companies abound.



Natural fall décor is so easy to find these days - love white pumpkins used this way.

What an easy way to make your entry more inviting – talk about curb appeal.




White pumpkins and some vine in a wooden box – so simple!



What a gorgeous fall centerpiece – in shades of white.




Would not have thought about using pistachios this way – love the look.



More white pumpkins – and a touch of blue in the hydrangea.


You know by now, my good gardeners, that timing is everything with gardening – and this month is the critical month to nail timing! Beautiful lawns of lush rye and fescue, planters filled with colorful pansies, tulips and daffodils in all their glory and trees filled with spring flowers – plan for all of this now – and get planting if you haven’t already done so.


Top Things to do in October


· Enjoy the best weather of the year.

· Fire up your outdoor fireplace, pit or chimenea – throw on some fresh pinon for good measure.

· If you want green grass during the fall, early winter and early spring – and have a Bermuda grass lawn, scalp and over seed with a blend of rye and fescue this month for best results.

· Before you remove your summer annuals – walk through your gardens and assess the winners and losers – make a mental note, take a picture, or jot this down in your garden journal.

· Last call for bulb orders and plant as they arrive. Remember the “early, middle, late” mantra when ordering. And think sweeping drifts, not tulips planted in onesies and threesies.

· Pay special attention to areas to cleanup around peonies, roses and other flowers that are prone to fungal diseases; don’t leave any debris in place.

· Don’t completely deadhead faded perennials, biennials and annuals if you want to collect seed (non-hybrids only) or wish to let them self-sow for next year’s show. Nicotiana, poppies, larkspur, and many others fall into this leave-alone group; some plants must be left in place or seeds shaken around during cleanup to insure the next generation. Plants with showy or bird-friendly seed heads, like coneflowers, also get a stay of execution.

· Sow seeds of poppies, larkspur and cosmos – this will add a cutting garden dimension to your garden next year.

· Continue to enjoy the hummingbirds and butterflies - your garden should be a swarming with them.



I am using these small conservatories for all holidays…this one for fall.


Another easy idea….this would look great on any coffee or console table to see the fall mood in your home.



Time to change out your planters and containers…nothing better than kale and pansies.

Happy Gardening - Terry

Happy Gardening -

All My Best -