The dreaded heat has arrived…so instead of hiding in our nice air-conditioned homes we have to get out early and provide a few of our plants some supplemental water. Mother Nature has blessed us this year with tremendous – drought-ending rains – so no complaints from this persistent gardener. The heat has also been put off by several cool fronts – we have had a wonderfully long spring and early summer has actually lasted more than a couple of days. Roses have put out another fresh blush of blossoms, my “becky” daisies are in full white fabulousness and even my Nepata is still blooming its heart out. July and August are the “acid test” for your garden and will test your personal commitment in keeping your plantings looking their best.


July and August are also really good times to really evaluate your plantings and overall design, and decide if any changes or editing need to take place – and if so September is just around the corner.




Purple Cone Flower and Russian Sage – stunning plant pairing,





Heat-loving plant combination.



Bright – and not faint of heart no matter how hot it gets.



Cool colors – but these plants thrive in the hottest weather.


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Top Things to do in July


  • • Adequate water is now a must – but please still pay attention to the weather.

• Water your containers every morning…this can be a must to get them through the day.

• Adjustments to your automatic sprinkler system may be needed – remember to water early in the day – not at night.

• If you do need to water during the heat of the day – be careful not to get water on the plant foliage.

• I hand water newer plantings like roses and some perennials if needed.

• Evaluate your garden – do you have the right plant in the right spot?

• Are your petunias or geraniums looking bad in your containers – you can still refresh your containers with heat loving plants like Angelonia, Purslane, lantana and blue daze.

• Continue to dead head your annuals and perennials – they will reward you with fresh blossoms – especially Nepata, Penta, and roses.

• Continue to support your roses and climbing vines – they are still putting on new growth even if they aren’t blooming…this fall you will understand why you did this.

• In addition to dead heading your cone flowers – be sure to take the seed heads and cut them up and sprinkle the seeds around your existing plants – there are literally several hundred seeds in each head of a cone flower!


Best of the Season


• Crepe Myrtle, Vitex (Texas Lilac), carpet and landscape roses • Bermuda Grass – bring the heat on!

• All Ornamental Grasses – flower plumes are emerging

• Perennials – Daisies, Perovskia (Russian Sage) Purple Cone Flowers, Hosta

• Annuals – Periwinkle, salvia, purslane, penta, lantana, dusty miller, blue daze, scaveola



One of the best ornamental trees for heat – Vitex – aka Chaste Tree or Texas Lilac.


Happy Gardening - Terry

Happy Gardening -

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