At first glance, one would adore this home. Red brick, fantastic landscape, beautiful seasonal details, but if taken one more level, to a beautiful world of old European design, you see a new and fantastic creation, with a classic Swedish and French inspiration.

See the stucco covering the red brick, just the beginning of the giant makeover.

A close up with a new dormer, copper detail.

The garage off the main house, it also contains the pool bath.

The brick meets the stucco.

The fence and the garage that is attached to the main house, I love the lines the original brick creates under the stucco. This is why I love remodels versus new construction, so much history, lines and detail!

The corners of the home contain the traditional stucco silhouette.

The west porch, some great “before shots”

The backyard, all the prep work is up, now the fun part!

Now, a look INSIDE, wait until you see this kitchen!

This will be one dramatic ceiling. I love how the toile wallpaper is still showing, really capturing the original low ceilings this room once had.

More photos to come…

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