2 - 07 - 2011

Swedish Twist: Part Four

Another picture if the installed beams. The center one is enormous and perfect scale for this grand “great room!”

No one likes to look at the ugly returns in the ceiling, but I love how they transformed theirs into another beautiful feature.

And old door frame, now perfectly placed for the refrigerator surround.

A close up of a section of the kitchen cabinets. Old construction meets new.

The cook top and ovens are in!

Your first peek into the bathroom off the kitchen, I love the new onyx slab on this antique cabinet.

A close up of how they put the onyx slab in the antique cabinet, so it’s flush with the beautiful old wood, “old meets new.”

I love this “head knocker,” a fun old cabinet above the toilet.

Laundry room, where the sink will go

Above the sink, cabinets on either side, such unique details!

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The beautiful English boxwoods have been planted; I love the kale plants juxtaposed next to the formal lines of the shrubs.

Working away on the kitchen, this is a picture of the frame the trim carpenters are building refrigerator surround. Beautiful details on this project to come!

The vent hood is hung, I have a feeling it will look much different when it’s complete.

A close up of the beautiful beams.

These doors are amazingly beautiful and enormous! It will be so interesting to see how they are transformed into to doors for the refrigerator.

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At first glance, one would adore this home. Red brick, fantastic landscape, beautiful seasonal details, but if taken one more level, to a beautiful world of old European design, you see a new and fantastic creation, with a classic Swedish and French inspiration.

See the stucco covering the red brick, just the beginning of the giant makeover.

A close up with a new dormer, copper detail.

The garage off the main house, it also contains the pool bath.

The brick meets the stucco.

The fence and the garage that is attached to the main house, I love the lines the original brick creates under the stucco. This is why I love remodels versus new construction, so much history, lines and detail!

The corners of the home contain the traditional stucco silhouette.

The west porch, some great “before shots”

The backyard, all the prep work is up, now the fun part!

Now, a look INSIDE, wait until you see this kitchen!

This will be one dramatic ceiling. I love how the toile wallpaper is still showing, really capturing the original low ceilings this room once had.

More photos to come…

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Just in time for Christmas, the house is made a home, finished off with spectacular holiday décor. Here are a few pictures below. I believe it is impossible to capture the true beauty of this “Jewel Box,” but I gave it my best.

The chandelier above the dinning table, the crystals are enormous, and reminiscent of ice, perfect for dinning in on a cozy winter night.

Fresh flowers on the dinning table, with fresh greenery above the mantel: smells like winter and looks so fresh.

The completed mantle, the statue is perfect with the wood paneled background.

The study, the Swedish colors make a perfect palate for these one of a kind accessories. 

This onyx topped table goes perfect with the pair of lamps. 

The kitchen is complete, and yes, that is two islands. 

Mirrored doors, not your everyday refrigerator 

Wine fridge and surround 

An antique fire back, just another detail not to be missed 

One of my favorite things about this plate rack is the feature lighting 

The chandelier in the powder bath 

Another exquisite lighting feature, all in this magnificent powder bath

More onyx tile, all the way up to the chair rail 

The family room lighting 

The holiday décor is brings another incredible layer to this exquisite home 

The master suite 

This is a flat screen, camouflaged by Swedish Dekor’s Herbariums, the creativity is endless! 

The soothing blue master bath, Waterworks tile in celedon 


Just in time for the holidays, the house turned out exquisite, a perfect place to hang your stockings.

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Have you ever imagined purchasing a home, and transforming it exactly the way you dreamed? After walking into the foyer of this magnificent home, you feel an instant gratification of grandeur and fantasy. Every corner is detailed with artistic perfection, and no square foot is left behind, this house is a perfect Jewel Box. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to document the transformation, enjoy the pictures below:

The entry-hall and grand stair case: the paneling was added to add some drama and detail.

Formal living fire-place was simple cast stone, now upgraded with intricate wood paneling, enhanced with the Swedish color palate.

I can’t wait to see where this goes…

The bar…

This bar is made from a black forest antique hutch, some of it is original antique, and some is brand new. Can you tell which is which? I can’t….

I can get lost in all the details, one of the characteristics I love about European antiques.

The study doors, first coat.

Pantry doors.

Wine fridge surround: they took terra cotta pipe, and transformed it into wine storage!

Refrigerator surround, just the bones.


A peak of some of the kitchen cabinet doors: steel doors from French pastry tables.

Ceiling detail in powder bath.

Powder bath sink.

Cabinet in powder bath, this piece reminds me of a fairy tale.

These rosettes on the drawers are just another example of the endless details.

Not your average laundry room.

More paint coats to come.

Doors to Master Suite.

Ceiling in Master Suite.

Master Suite continued. 

The detail takes hours, but worth every minute. 

“His” vanity in master bath. 

“Her” vanity. 

"Her" medicine cabinet.

A view of the kitchen from the family room.

Upstairs guest, there wasn’t room for side tables, so they just built this beautiful surround, so Swedish!

A close up of the upstairs surround.

An upstairs bath vanity.

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