Sometimes if you really want to make an impact, hang your art, all of similar subject and framing, together in one grouping; this is one of my favorite ways to make walls really come alive. In this example, I used these beautiful intaglios, by Swedish Dekor.

When it comes to hanging a grouping, I prefer “eyeballing.” You always think measuring would make the most logical sense, but after several tries, the human eye always wins. Have someone hold the picture in place while you simply place your finger, and mark the spot where the nail needs to go. Here are some helpful hints below:

-Use hangers. When you have just a nail, your angle will be different on each picture, causing heights to differ.  Keep in mind, the actual “hook” on the hanger will dictate the height, not the nail.

-“Levelers” are great, but if your house is older, your walls might not necessarily be even. This is when you are going to have to trust your eye. Just think, when people view your art, they will not have a measuring tape, what’s most important is how it looks, not measures.

-Hang a center picture first, then work your way out.

-Having all your hanging wire being the SAME on all your pictures in your grouping will help tremendously.

-Have a BUDDY! It will help for almost all the steps necessary.

Happy Hanging!

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