The backsplash is up; it really makes the silver leaf pop!

One of the two light fixtures above the kitchen island

The sink in the laundry room, every detail thought out including the bright lighting above this work space.

The future “entertainment cabinet”

Perfect paint job!

Remember that coffee table?  Here it is with its new colors, gorgeous!

A view of the kitchen, a work in progress, getting close…

I wonder where this fantastic sink will end up?

Not your average ceiling fan, yet not your average outdoor patio!

This light fixture in the covered patio is a perfect centerpiece.

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These are the exterior beams that frame the outdoor patio in the backyard.  I love this shade of gray perfect, natural on this natural wood.

The ceiling of the backyard covered patio, bead board with a whitewash that complements the gray beams that surround it.

Now back inside, the hood over the stove coming along with the perfect Swedish paint palette.

The bare wood before the paint, just a great example of the important role the colors play.

Working away…

The “head knocker” with the first coat of paint.

The coffee table (a great Round Top purchase) before and stay tuned for after!

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Blue and white pottery and porcelain dates back to the 14th century. I love it all whether it’s the classic Delft Blue from Holland or the Chinese export ware and everything in between. It’s been interesting over the past few months to see it used as major color schemes in so many beautiful interiors. It never goes out of style…a testament to using the classics.

Simply gorgeous grouping of blue and white with red amaryllis.

A beautiful and classic interior with blue and white sprinkled about the entire room.

Who doesn’t want to sit down at this table for a special dinner?

A very warm and rich interior – just love this beautiful hutch filled with blue and white transfer ware platters.

Wow…probably too cluttered for most – I’ll take it!

So very French Country – really like the crisp white walls with all of the blue and white accents.

Not your grandmother’s blue and white theme…how fresh and clean. 

I love to use yellow with blue and white – yellow is opposite blue on the color wheel – a perfect complement!

And this is my favorite way to display blue and white – with lots of fresh white flowers!

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2 - 07 - 2011

Swedish Twist: Part Four

Another picture if the installed beams. The center one is enormous and perfect scale for this grand “great room!”

No one likes to look at the ugly returns in the ceiling, but I love how they transformed theirs into another beautiful feature.

And old door frame, now perfectly placed for the refrigerator surround.

A close up of a section of the kitchen cabinets. Old construction meets new.

The cook top and ovens are in!

Your first peek into the bathroom off the kitchen, I love the new onyx slab on this antique cabinet.

A close up of how they put the onyx slab in the antique cabinet, so it’s flush with the beautiful old wood, “old meets new.”

I love this “head knocker,” a fun old cabinet above the toilet.

Laundry room, where the sink will go

Above the sink, cabinets on either side, such unique details!

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The beautiful English boxwoods have been planted; I love the kale plants juxtaposed next to the formal lines of the shrubs.

Working away on the kitchen, this is a picture of the frame the trim carpenters are building refrigerator surround. Beautiful details on this project to come!

The vent hood is hung, I have a feeling it will look much different when it’s complete.

A close up of the beautiful beams.

These doors are amazingly beautiful and enormous! It will be so interesting to see how they are transformed into to doors for the refrigerator.

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